Splitter Orchester


Code of Silence in Positionen #129 / November 2021

During Code of Silence, Splitter was accompanied throughout the process by three writers: Friederike Kenneweg, Anneliese Ostertag and Irene Lehmann. They were invited to witness the entire rehearsal and working routine over the course of 7 pandemic (!) months and being given complete freedom regarding how to put their experiences and impressions into words.

We are very excited to find out together with everybody what texts came out of this. Their pieces will be published in Positionen's November issue 2021.

Videos: Code of Silence

Here it is, the final concert in the Code of Silence series. It was recorded on March 24th this year by Christina Voigt (video) and Roy Carroll (audio).


The second edition of our anniversary project, Code of Silence, happened on February 24th/25th at WABE in Berlin. Due to the pandemic, we could not have a live audience with us. Instead, we decided to record the concert and share the video with everyone.

Code of Silence II/III

New piece: Imagine Splitter

Social distancing is hard for everyone, but a real challenge if you are a 22-piece orchestra that builds its entire practice on coming together to make music. Over the last months of 2020, each member of the Splitter Orchester has recorded an individual track of their own. Not playing solo, but with the image of playing with the entire group in mind. »Imagine Splitter« is the result of all 22 tracks combined. There is no editing (or muting) involved. All the tracks run »open« from beginning to end and the recording was treated similarly as a live-recording of the orchestra.

Imagine Splitter