Video: Code of Silence III/III

Here it is, the final concert in the Code of Silence series. It was recorded on March 24th this year by Christina Voigt (video) and Roy Carroll (audio).

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Video: Code of Silence II/III

The second edition of our anniversary project, Code of Silence, happened on February 24th/25th at WABE in Berlin. Due to the pandemic, we could not have a live audience with us. Instead, we decided to record the concert and share the video with everyone.

Please find your way to the concert here.

New piece: Imagine Splitter

Social distancing is hard for everyone, but a real challenge if you are a 22-piece orchestra that builds its entire practice on coming together to make music.
Over the last months of 2020, each member of the Splitter Orchester has recorded an individual track of their own. Not playing solo, but with the image of playing with the entire group in mind.
»Imagine Splitter« is the result of all 22 tracks combined. There is no editing (or muting) involved. All the tracks run »open« from beginning to end and the recording was treated similarly as a live-recording of the orchestra.

You can listen to the piece here.

10 years of Splitter Orchester

Splitter Orchester celebrates its 10th anniversary with a three-part concert series at WABE. Code of Silence brings the collective back to its roots: large scale group improvisation. The project does however raise the bar – the musicians completely waive spoken language during the preparations.

The idea originated when Splitter questioned its habits as a group and wanted to find out how a collectively organized music sounds like, that comes into existence without the involvement of rational conversation. In the past 10 years of collective cooperation, the group developed a wide array of strategies and methods of shaping sound. Code of Silence lets them discard all concepts and improvise without speaking for one whole day – every session is recorded and the musicians listen back to the recording immediately. This process is repeated several times, on the following day the doors are being opened for a public concert that presents the results.

Code of Silence I/III
September 9th 2020
WABE, Danziger Straße 101, 10405 Berlin

Tickets are available exclusively online and there will be no box office due to Corona regulations. Seats are limited. Audience is required to wear a mask for the entire time during the concert.


The next dates are January 14th and February 25th 2021.

Splitter Orchester: Criss Cross @ PAS

Splitter Orchester is crossing the line in its first ever site specific outdoor concert! Positioned in safe distance across the Spree on the pier in front of Petersburg Art Space, the group creates a multitude of sounds and patterns that bounce off of the surrounding buildings. The audience is invited to experience the ever changing fabric of sounds, and potentially one or the other intermittent events, from the opposing riverside.

August 16th 2020
17:00 h
Audience location:,13.3207413,21z

Free admission / byo drinks and snacks / wear masks and keep distance to each other

Kindly supported by the Reload program of Kulturstiftung des Bundes

SCHRUMPF! Splitter @ Radialsystem Berlin

Splitter is happy to play its first concert especially for family audiences. We are invited by SCHRUMPF!, a concert series curated by Daniella Strasfogel and look forward to a whole weekend of constructing, dismantling and rearranging sounds together!

Due to Corona, the project happens digitally on Sunday, June 21st from 11:00h throughout the day, live from Radialsystem. For more information, see the FB-event. Tickets can be bought here.

ENTHUSIASM screening @ Rote Flora Hamburg

ENTHUSIASM sees its premiere on the big screen!

Saturday, February 22nd 2020
19h: Der Marktgerechte Mensch, Leslie Franke and Herdolor Lorenz
21h: »Skills: ENTHUSIASM for Splitter Orchester«, Carlos Bustamante

Rote Flora Hamburg
Achidi-John-Platz 1
20357 Hamburg

More info here

Splitter Orchester & The Pitch @ klub katarakt Hamburg

Splitter Orchester is playing Hamburg for the first time! Joined by The Pitch, we are excited to be invited by klub katarakt to present a new rendition of Frozen Orchestra.

Splitter Orchester & The Pitch: Frozen Orchestra (katarakt) (2020)
17.01.2020, 20:00 h
Kampnagel, Jarrestraße 20, 22303 Hamburg

-> Facebook-Event

-> Full program here

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The second edition of Splitter Music Festival once again focuses on strategies of contemporary improvisation and progressive musical practice in the context of large scale, non-hierachic ensembles. The complex artistic disposition of the Splitter Orchester is informed decisively by dissent, disagreement and the coexistence of a multitude of more or less contradictory individual perspectives.

Thematically, the main point of focus of the second edition is on the balancing of these artistic antagonisms inside of an anarchistic, self organised group dynamic. Radical de- and reconstruction of musical concepts arise necessarily as modes of cooperation, if the result is not supposed to block out participating individual positions in the unison. The festival program fuses apparent contradictions on the planes of composition, improvisation, instrumentation and spatial disposition and thus leads musicians and audiences alike in previously uncharted terrain.

In 2016, the first Splitter Music Festival conducted »music mining in large scale formats«. Drawing from »data mining«, the question was: »How is it possible to generate a coherent and meaningful music spontaneously, under the conditions of seemingly limitless options?« The Splitter Music Festival 2019 under the title Counterbalance! interrogates the artistic process in itself. What role does conscious de-stabilization through diverse methods of opposition play in the creation of improvised music? What improvising strategies can be derived from this? What kind of music can potentially originate from confrontational contexts, in spontaneous alliances and under specifically manipulated conditions?

Each participating musician and ensemble bring their own highly individual structure, working methods and developed playing techniques and strategies to the table, in order to create new contexts and situations in which they will be combined in previously unknown ways. Performance duo The Skills is developing a new piece for the freely improvising Splitter Orchester, that reveals parallels and contrasts between their respective approaches, rendered both visually and sonically. The festival’s second evening starts with an intimate improvised orchestra concert in a chamber music atmosphere, followed by a duo playing noise in a concert hall – dimensions of sound and space being diametrically crossed to achieve unusual listening experiences. The finale of the festival will see all participating musicians in a durational installational concert performance with constantly varying, dynamic constellations which let unexpected musical connections surface from presumably chaotic structures.

Each performance throughout the festival is related to an individual localization, negotiating the musical approach and spatial disposition of musicians and audience at silent green anew every time.

featuring: Splitter Orchester, Skills, Ensemble Skogen, Oren Ambarchi / Will Guthrie


November 22nd 2019

19:30 h | Betonhalle
Skills: ENTHUSIASM (2019, world premiere) for Splitter Orchester
21:00 h | Kuppelhalle
Magnus Granberg: Let Past My Weary Guiltless Ghost (2019, German premiere) for Skogen

November 23rd 2019

19:30 h | Kuppelhalle
Splitter Orchester: Vortex (2019, world premiere)
21:00 h | Betonhalle
Oren Ambarchi / Will Guthrie: Live Set

November 24th 2019

16 through 20 h | all of silent green
Continuum / Big Circus (2019, world premiere)
durational concert installation by and with Splitter Orchester, Skogen, Skills, Oren Ambarchi, Will Guthrie

Tickets online and at the door

Venue: silent green Kulturquartier, Gerichtstraße 35, 13347 Berlin

Supported by: Hauptstadtkulturfonds
Media partners: Deutschlandradio Kultur, The Wire, digital in berlin, field notes, tip
Ensemble Skogen receives support by the Swedish Arts Council and The Swedish Performing Arts Agency

Berlin premiere of »Vollbild« @ Radialsystem

Splitter Orchester returns to Radialsystem for the Berlin-premiere of Jean-Luc Guionnet’s Vollbild! The piece is inspired by Renaissance grotesque paintings and their often supposed axisymmetric structure, broken by consciously placed irregularities. Guionnet transfers this principle on the orchestra and its distinct sound: the musicians are placed as fas as possible apart, percussion and piano form the centered mirror axis, around which the broken symmetrie is organized – the clarinet quartet on the left side of the stage corresponds with the clavinet on the right side, violin, guitar, flute and electronics are connected in the same manner. The piece itself divides into two parts, the second being a reemergence of the first one, but as listened to through an unreliable mirror. Vollbild was premiered in Mulhouse at festival météo in August 2018.

By this strong positing in terms of structure, spatial setup and possible interactions between the musicians, the composition clearly influences the sound of Splitter Orchester. As a contrast, Splitter presents a new collective improvisation, based on a divergent spatial setup. The piece is at the same time a reaction to Vollbild as it is a work on its own.

02.06.2019, 19 h
Radialsystem Berlin


Splitter Orchester: collective improvisation
Jean-Luc Guionnet: Vollbild (2018) for Splitter Orchester

kindly supported by initiative neue musik berlin e.V.

Splitter Orchester and ensemble mosaik are PUBLIC PEOPLE

Public People Header

A collective composition by Alwynne Pritchard and members of Splitter Orchester. Public People is not only a piece for two ensembles, but a piece about group structures and the methods they have developed in handling musical material. While Splitter Orchester is deeply rooted in free improvisation and working collectively, ensemble mosaik often engages in dialogical processes with composers to create new works. Both approaches lead to different aesthetics, work forms and conclusions.
Public People questions both ensembles as institutions and plays with the dialectic relations of their distinct structures, also dealing with approximation and differentiation in a broader social context.

28.10.2018, 20 Uhr
Radialsystem Berlin

Splitter Orchester
ensemble mosaik
Ilan Volkov | conductor
Alwynne Pritchard, Julia Reidy, Simon James Phillips, Chris Heenan | composition

supported by: Senatsverwaltung Berlin, TONO, Kommune Bergen
partner: Radialsystem
mediapartner: Deutschlandfunk, Zitty

SPLITTER ORCHESTER opens Berlin's second Month of Contemporary Music 2018


In the long overdue release-concert for »Shine on you crazy diagram«, Splitter Orchester teams up live for the first time with Felix Kubin. The concert also includes the premiere of Ignaz Schicks new piece »Nilreb Variations« (2017/18), especially written for Splitter Orchester.


Splitter Orchester: site-specific Improvisation
Felix Kubin: Lückenschere (übersetzt Diagram 1) (2016)
Felix Kubin: Lichtsplitter (übersetzt Diagram 2) (2016)
Ignaz Schick: Nilreb Variations (2017/18, UA) for Splitter Orchester
Felix Kubin: DJ-Set

Presented by field notes and Kontraklang

More information here

SPLITTER ORCHESTER @ météo - Mulhouse Music Festival 2018

Splitter returns to France to play two nights at this year’s edition of météo in Mulhouse!

Friday, August 24th, 6:30pm at La Filature
world premiere of “Vollbild” by Jean-Luc Guionnet, especially written for Splitter Orchester

Saturday, August 25th, 6:30pm at La Filature
Splitter Music

The second performance of Splitter Orchester will be recorded by Radio France for broadcast.

Find the complete festival program here: Festival Météo 2018.

3rd release: The Pitch & Splitter Orchester: Frozen Orchestra (Splitter)

The third release of the 24-piece Splitter Orchester is, like its predecessors, a collaboration. This time they team up with the The Pitch, a quartet consisting to 3/4 out of Splitter Orchester-members. »Frozen Orchestra (Splitter)« is their latest compositional effort in translating the quartet’s language to a large format ensemble utilizing the sensibilites and possibilites of Splitter Orchester’s electro-acoustic instrumentation. »Frozen« thereby indicates a very slowly moving field of harmonic relationships consisting of so-called pitch sets, which are augmented by noise sets, that is, non-periodic sounds organized in equivalent relationships. The score guides the group through various defined states of frozen surfaces where each player makes individual choices from a set of intervals or noises and thus constantly shifts harmonic weight and textural quality. In the multicoloured sound of Splitter Orchester, the planar drones receive an iridescent depth. Monochromatic fields of sound grow out of the continuum, its steady flow letting them vary almost unnoticeably.

»Frozen Orchestra (Splitter)«_ is released on April 16 2018 by Mikroton Recordings.

You can buy the CD here:


2nd Release! LP Shine on you crazy diagram

[…]This is one of the key aspects of Splitter Orchester: a spectralist like penchant for timbral composition and timbral mirroring; electronics and objects sound like traditional instruments and vice versa.
Richard Thomas in The Wire, March 2017

You can buy the LP here:

Shine on you crazy diagram LP

1st Release! CD Creative Construction Set™ on Mikroton Recordings

[…]This performance succeeds in transporting the listener to an alter-dimension. That’s partly down to the skill of the musicians in rendering familiar elements uncanny through extended techniques and electronic manipulation, but it’s also down to the expert use of space, texture and dynamics: this is a fully realised soundworld, rather than a loose aggregation of effects.
Stewart Smith in The Quietus, February 2017

You can buy the CD here:

Creative Construction Set™ Purchase

Splitter Music Festival 2016, Nov 24 - 27, Berlin

Splitter Music Festival 24th - 27th of Nov

Splitter Orchester @ Insub.Festival 2016: Orchestres

September 1, 2016, Theátre du Galpon, Geneva, Switzerland
Splitter’s first performance in Switzerland will take place in the frame of an orchestral festival organized by the wonderful Insub Meta Orchestra.


hcmf// 2015
Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, November 27th and 28th, 2015.

Friday, November 27th, 7pm in St. Paul’s Hall
UK Premiere of Creative Construction Set TM with George Lewis

Saturday, November 28th, 10pm in Bates Mill Blending Shed
Splitter Music

The second performance of Splitter Orchester at hcmf// 2015 will be created and performed specifically for the festival – as is the case with the vast majority of Splitter Performances. Live Broadcast by BBC 3 / Hear and Now.

produced by hcmf//
funded by the Senate Chancellery of Berlin – Cultural Affairs


JAZZFEST BERLIN 2015, November 5th, 7pm, Haus der Berliner Festspiele

Creative Construction Set™ (George Lewis, 2015)

World Premiere of Lewis’ Composition Creative Construction Set™, which pays homage to the Creative Construction Company, an early AACM ensemble.Their name foregrounded agency, process, emergence and collectivity, aspects of creative practice CCSTM encourages. The work was made for the Splitter Orchester, and George Lewis will play with the orchestra on trombone and electronics. CCSTM was also recorded in early November in the SWR 2 Radiostudio in Stuttgart.
You can listen to the SWR 2 Broadcast here

funded by initiative neue musik berlin e.V. and SWR Stuttgart
presented by Berliner Festspiele/Jazzfest Berlin 2015


MAY 9, 2015

Academy of Arts, Berlin (Hanseatenweg)

Free Entrance!!!

Starts 6pm.



digital in berlin

Splitter Orchester @ Studio P4, Funkhaus Berlin Nalepastrasse

Splitter Orchester recorded in the beautiful P4 Studio on December 8 and 9, 2014.
Recording Engineers: Jean-Boris Szymczak and Roy Carroll
Mix: Nicholas Bussmann
Master: Werner Dafeldecker

Splitter Orchester @ Borealis Festival (Bergen, NO)

Splitter Orchester & Øyvind Torvund:
23rd of March, 2014, 3pm

Constructing Jungle Books (Øyvind Torvund, 2014)

more info

Splitters and Lumpers (Splitter Orchester, 2014)

more info

A production of ausland Berlin, DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program, Berlin Technical University – Electronic Studio, Berliner Festspiele/MaerzMusik and Borealis Festival. In collaboration with the Berlin Museum of Natural History. Kindly supported by the Arts Council Norway and the Berlin chancellery – cultural affairs.

programme borealis 2014

Splitter Orchester @ MaerzMusik 2014

Splitter Orchester & Øyvind Torvund:
17th of March, 2014, 7pm
@ Naturkundemuseum Berlin (Invalidenstr. 43, 10115 Berlin)

Constructing Jungle Books (Øyvind Torvund, 2014)

more info

Splitter Orchester:
17th of March, 2014, 10pm
@ Langenbeck-Virchow-Saal (Luisenstr. 58/59, 10117 Berlin)

Splitters and Lumpers (Splitter Orchester, 2014)

more info

A production of ausland Berlin, DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program, Berlin Technical University – Electronic Studio, Berliner Festspiele/MaerzMusik and Borealis Festival. In collaboration with the Berlin Museum of Natural History. Kindly supported by the Arts Council Norway and the Berlin chancellery – cultural affairs.

d/b presents maerzmusik

Splitter Orchester (17/24) @ CRAK, Paris 2013

Splitter Orchester is invited to the 2nd edition of CRAK – Festival des Musiques Affranchies – in Paris, France, September 26 Â? 29.

This year’s edition of the CRAK Festival is presenting two orchestras who unite the multi-facetted improvising scenes of two European capitals, Paris and Berlin.
L’Orchestre National de Création, Expérimentation et d’Improvisation Musicale (ONCEIM) and the Splitter Orchester share common musical ground and search for creative ways of non-hierarchic music making in large scale ensembles.

CRAK takes place in the church of Saint Merry in the heart of Paris.
CRAK is organized by Babbel Productions and curated by Frédéric Blondy.

supported by “impulsneuemusik – fonds franco-allemand pour la musique contemporaine”

Splitter Orchester (20/24) @ Marie-Antoinette

On Friday, January 11th Splitter Orchester (20/24) will play at Marie-Antoinette.
The concert starts 09:30pm, doors open 09:00pm.
Marie-Antoinette: Bogen 47, Holzmarktstr. 15 – 18, Berlin

Splitter & Spahlinger in Darmstadt, 2012

Fr, 20.07.12, 19:30 Uhr (Einlass 19:00 Uhr)
46. Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik Darmstadt 2012
Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt (IMD)
Böllenfalltorhalle, Nieder-Ramstädter Str. 170, 64285 Darmstadt

Splitter Orchester is invited to the 46th edition of the “Internationale Ferienkurse fuer Neue Musik”. Splitter Orchester will present its own music and excerpts of Mathias Spahlinger’s composition “doppelt bejaht”. There will also be workshops with Splitter members, and the electronic section of the orchestra will play in the 603 club (atelier elektronik).

The encounter of the Splitter Orchester with Mathias Spahlinger – one of the Summer Course instructors for 2012 – promises to be a multifaceted musical and social experiment. The Splitter Orchester already in its name bears the contradiction, and consists of composer-performers from the most varied of backgrounds and paths of development. One of the few commonalities between the 24 members of the group is that they all make improvisation – be it free, idiomatically conceived, or compositionally guided – a central aspect of their musical practice.
Taking this as the point of departure the Splitter Orchestrer, in close collaboration with Mathias Spahlinger, will over the course of three days in Darmstadt prepare 24 of the numbers from “doppelt bejaht“ (“doubly affirmed”) and present them in concert.
The selected passages, like the entire concert installation, is concerned with fundamental musical problem complexes and modes of organization, as well as with reduction to essentials, with forking paths, decision trees, contradictions, and rules of the game which both enable and encourage each individual to exercise leadership. There is no conductor – self-organization is central, and leads to a musical process which, in terms of form, is indeterminate. The musicians as well as the audience have the opportunity to witness music as a social process of listening to one another, in which extremes are also possible.
In the second set of the concert Splitter Orchester will play its own music.
Splitter Orchester is the only professional Ensemble in Germany which plays free improvised music. In a seemingly effortless way the 24 musicians who are composers, interpreters and improvisers at the same time, achieve what most people still can’t imagine:
to create in real time a collective and coherent contemporary music on the basis of free improvisation, with no need to set rules and no fear of risk.

Splitter @ WABE 2011

26. November, 2011, 8pm
Wabe, Berlin
Danziger Straße 101, 10405 Berlin

Im November 2011 konnte das Orchester mit einem Konzert in der bis auf den letzten Platz gefüllten WABE an das Konzert im “Radialsystem V” anschließen.

Im Laufe der Jahre 2010 und 2011 fanden monatliche Proben mit anschliessender öffentlicher Präsentation statt. Die Proben dauerten jeweils einen ganzen Nachmittag und wurden durch kurze, öffentliche Konzerte in Werkstatt-Atmosphäre abgeschlossen. In den Werkstatt-Konzerten, die wie die Proben in der WABE (Danziger Str. 101, 10405 Berlin) stattfanden, wurden verschiedene Modelle der Improvisation, an denen nachmittags gearbeitet wurde, vorgestellt und für das Publikum zum Teil kommentiert. Dadurch wurden Möglichkeiten, wie man in einem Ensemble dieser Größe in Echtzeit musikalisch kommunizieren und eine kollektive Musik aus dem Augenblick heraus schaffen kann, eindrücklich und anschaulich demonstriert.

In 2011 war das Splitter Orchester ein Projekt des ausland Berlin im Rahmen von Neue Musik. wurde gefördert durch das Netzwerk Neue Musik, ein Förderprojekt der Kulturstiftung des Bundes, und die Kulturverwaltung des Landes Berlin. Die Projektreihe Neue Musik wurde zusätzlich aus Mitteln des Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE) finanziert.

Splitter @ Radialsystem 2010

24. bis 27. November, 2010
Radialsystem, Berlin
HolzmarktstraÃ?e 33, 10243 Berlin

Dank einer Förderung durch den Hauptstadtkulturfonds im Jahr 2010 konnte ein Arbeitsprozess in Gang gesetzt werden, der die künstlerische Entwicklung des Orchesters ermöglicht hat.
Ende November 2010 feierte das Splitter Orchester mit einem nahezu ausverkauften Konzert im Radialsystem V Premiere und wurde vom Publikum begeistert aufgenommen.

Splitter Orchester Takes the A Train

26. August, 2010, 4pm
HBF Berlin

Erster öffentlicher Auftritt des Splitter Orchesters.
Dokumentiert auf der Echtzeitmusik-Sampler-CD, veröffentlicht auf mikroton records.

Das 24-köpfige elektro-akustische Splitter Orchester lädt ein zu einer Stunde voller Klang, die Ihre Wahrnehmung des Berliner Hauptbahnhofs verändern wird. Mit Hilfe von Kontrabässen, Cellos, gecrackter Elektronik, Feldaufnahmen, Blech- und Holzblasinstrumenten und Perkussion wird dieses grosse aber subtil agierende Ensemble die Ecken und Winkel des Hauptbahnhofs durchforschen und die fremden und veblüffenden Klänge verstärken, die sich dort versteckt halten.